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T&T Abrahamsson – One-Off Industrial Designs, Vancouver, BC, Canada – est. Nov 15, 1987 … going strong in 2024 and onward

Abrahamsson Softies – Classic, Mini and M softies – Classic and Mini -US$ 25 each+ airmail + paypal fee

softiesPlease contact  for  details on availability 0f   Abrahamsson Softreleases, Rapidwinders and Rapidgrips  at  e-mail below

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Limited Edition of  Commemorative Tom A Softies

Commemorative Tom A Softies – 100 with regular thread  (all sold now) and 100 with typ 240 thread   were made in 2017.In 1997 Tom wrote some notes on film and paper developers. If you would like a copy of the notes, the 21 page pdf file  is available here.

More developer recipes to come soon.

Tom’s Developers Tom’s Developers

T&T Abrahamsson – One-Off Industrial Designs, Vancouver, BC, Canada

The standard thread Softie for Ed’s M10 is  a good choice. Sits high but firmly.

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Below is  a selection of all One-Off/Abrahamsson products since 1987:

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